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  • Academic study of humans, ecology, environment, culture, technology and religion

    The International Society for the Study of
    Religion, Nature & Culture
    Celebrating its 10th Anniversary


    Scott Atran
    Institut Jean Nicod, Paris, and
    The University of Michigan (France/USA)
    Cognitive and Linguistic Anthropology/Theories of Religion; Ethnobiology; Evolutionary Psychology
    David Barnhill
    University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (USA)
    Environmental Studies, Nature Writing, Religion and Ecology
    Gustavo Benavides
    Villanova University (Pennsylvania, USA)
    Sociology of Religion; Environmental Anthropology
    Religion & Cognitive Science
    Sigurd Bergmann
    Norges teknisk-naturvitenskige universiapeltet (Norway)
    Theology and Ecology; Space, Place & Religion
    Fikret Berkes
    University of Manitoba (Canada)
    Commons; Traditional Environmental Knowledge
    Society and Nature Interrelationships
    Marcello Di Paola
    Luiss University (Rome)
    Christopher Doran
    Pepperdine University (Malibu, California)
    Roger Gottlieb
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Maryland, USA)
    Philosophy, Religion, Ecology; Environmentalism & Spirituality
    Rebecca Kneale Gould
    Middlebury College (Vermont, USA)
    American Religious History & Culture
    Religion and Environmentalism; Simplicity Studies
    John Hart
    Boston University (Massachussets, USA)
    Christian Theology
    Robert Hatch
    University of Florida (USA)
    Philosophy of Science
    Laura Hobgood
    Southwestern University (Texas, USA)
    Eco-feminism; Religion and Animals
    Stephen R. Humphrey
    University of Florida (USA)
    Ecological Restoration; Natural Resources Management
    Adrian Ivakhiv
    University of Vermont (USA)
    Religion, Nature and Culture; Environmental Studies; Cultural Geography
    Peter Jansen
    Wageningen University (the Netherlands)
    Lucas F. Johnston
    Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA)
    William Jordan III
    New Academy for Nature and Culture
    DePaul University Institute for Nature and Culture (Illinois, USA)
    Restoration Ecology; Ritual Studies
    Stephanie Kaza
    University of Vermont (USA)
    Buddhism and Environmental Thought; Ecofeminism;
    Sustainability and Consumerism
    Laurel Kearns
    Drew University (New Jersey, USA)
    Christianity Ecology; Sociology of Religion
    Stephen Kellert
    Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
    (Connecticut, USA)
    Evolutionary Theory & Religion; Biophilia Hypothesis
    Lois Lorentzen
    University of San Francisco (USA)
    Social Ethics; Gender and Nature; Meso-America
    Lisa Madera
    Campeche, Florianopolis (Brazil)
    Native Traditions and Epistemologies of South America;
    Nature, Religion & Natural Resources in South America;
    Popular Catholicism and Santo Diame
    Curt Meine
    Society for Conservation Biology, The Crane Foundation (Wisconsin, USA)
    Environmental History; Conservation Biology
    James Miller
    Queen's University (Kingston, Canada)
    Daoism and Ecology; Religion, Nature and Modernity in China
    Stephen Mulkey
    University of Florida (USA)
    Lisa Newton
    Fairfield University (Connecticut, USA)
    Environmental & Applied Ethics
    Bobbi Patterson
    Emory University (Georgia, USA)
    Wilderness & Religion studies
    Stephen G. Perz
    University of Florida (USA)
    Environmental Sociology
    Jim Proctor
    Lewis and Clark University (Oregon, USA)
    Geography; Demography
    Peter H. Raven
    Missouri Botanical Garden (USA)
    Biodiversity & Conservation biology
    Michael Ruse
    Florida State University (USA)
    Philosophy of biology (especially Darwinism);
    Ethics; History and Philosophy of Science
    Michael Soulè
    University of California Santa Cruz (Emeritus) (USA)
    Conservation Biology
    Rick Stepp
    University of Florida (USA)
    Ecological Anthropology; Ethnobotany
    Kocku von Stuckrad
    University of Gronignen (The Netherlands)
    Professor of Religious Studies and
    Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
    Bron Taylor
    University of Florida (USA)
    Religion, Nature & Culture
    Environmentalism & Religion; Environmental Ethics
    Sarah McFarland Taylor
    Northwestern University (Illinois, USA)
    Religion, Ecology, & Cultural Studies
    Studies and Environmental Thought
    Leslie Thiele
    University of Florida (USA)
    Political Philosophy; Environmental Ethics
    Mary Evelyn Tucker
    Yale University (Connecticut, USA)
    Forum on Religion and Ecology; East Asian Traditions
    Mark Wallace
    Swarthmore College (Pennsylvania, USA)
    Christian Theology & Ecology
    Robin Wright
    University of Florida (USA)
    Anthropology of Religion; Indigenous Religions (Amazonian)
    Johannes Zechner
    Freie Universität (Berlin, Germany)