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    The Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture

    Special Issue Proposals

    Thematic "special issues" will be a regular feature of the Journal and are intended to provide a space for extra attention to a specific area of study. Such issues will be dedicated to topics that are particularly pertinent to the study of religion, nature, and culture; draw attention to underrepresented subject matter; and/or are felt to move the field forward in intriguing ways. A typical special issue will include 4-6 articles (of approximately 8,000 words per article).
    Follow these steps when submitting a Special Issue Proposals:
    1. Identify a "guest editor." Special issue proposals are more likely to be accepted for publication if the guest editor is a senior scholar who has experience with the topic to be covered. The responsibilities of the guest editor will normally include: writing an editorial introduction for the journal issue that introduces the main themes of the articles and describes their importance to the field; assembling and ensuring that all articles for the special issue follow the journal formatting guidelines; acting as the contact person for the journal editors.
    2. Submit a 1-2 page proposal (less than 500 words) detailing how this particular topic would contribute to the field of religion, nature, and culture and how the individual papers will contribute to the overall scholarly objective of the journal issue.
    3. For each paper proposal, submit titles and abstracts of less than 500 words describing the argument made in it and its significance. Be sure to include the name(s) of the author(s).
    Those interested in being considered as guest editors (developing and assembling all of the related articles and delivering them to the journal's regular editors for peer review) of such thematic issues should contact us at with their proposal.